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You have found the place to be for gambling odds and statistics. Whether you want to know whether to double down or raise all-in, you've come to the right site. It is important to understand the odds you face when entering the casino to play a shoe of blackjack or logging in to your favorite online poker site. is here to provide you with the right information to bet smart and bet right. Enjoy the information and let us know what else we can provide to you!

News and Numbers

Random hold'em poker odds - do you hold a pair of jacks?
If you hold a pair of jacks in holdem, there is a 57% chance of an overcard showing on the flop. So remember, they aren't as powerful as you might think. Get this and more odds and statistics at!

Are you hoping to hit your ace on the flop?
At a 10 person hold'em table, if you hold one ace the odds that someone else at the table holds one too is 75%. So be careful before pushing to hard with your weak aces!

In holdem, you will be dealt a pair 5.882% of the time.
The odds of getting dealt any pair in holdem is about 17 to 1, or 5.88%. Want a pair of aces? The odds of that are 221 to 1 (but they sure are nice to see when you get them).

The Psychology of a Poker Tournament
Good article at Poker News on the psychology of a poker tournament. Recognizing how a tournament is different can increase your chances of making the money.

Hand matchup of the day...KK vs 77
Did you know that an overpair is roughly 4 to 1 to win a heads up match versus a smaller pair? Calculate your own hand matchups using new hold'em hand calculator!

Add a hold'em calculator to your Google home page
Download a Google Gadget from and calculate hold'em hands right from your Google homepage. Find it at Google or download it here.

Poker Stars offering a 100% deposit bonus!
Haven't tried Poker Stars yet? Now is a great time to give it a whirl. Lots of deposit options and a 100% deposit bonus to boot.

Download the new Firefox Hold'em Calculator plug-in
Calculate hold'em hand matchups right from your browsers. Download the hold'em calculator and enter hands directly into the search bar. Get results instantly!

Let it Ride - House edge is 3.5%
Playing Let it Ride in the casino has better odds than some games, with the house edge at 3.5%.

Do you play place bets in craps?
In craps, placing the 6 or 8 leaves you at a 1.5% disadvantage, 5 and 9 is a 4% disadvantage, and playing the 4 or 10 is more than 6.5%. Stick to the 6 or 8!